Boutique Retreat Centre De Aardborst, fully interior designed by has two central features. First of all the 18 acres (7 hectares) of private nature take centre stage, offering numerous opportunities. Secondly, the central and multifunctional ‘Inspiration Room’. Looking out over the lovely garden and natural pond, the 70 sqm. of multifunctional space is perfectly suited for ceremonies, meetings and presentations to up to 50 people. Ultimately it even serves as a common sleeping facility as well.

For multi-day events, De Aardborst has 4 stylishly decorated bedrooms, designed to make you feel at home instantly. Not only do they offer 2 single beds with high quality matrasses and bedlinen, and a private washbowl. They double as cosy cocoons for private conversations, writing, or sitting in silence. Sit down in these amazing loungers, watch the nature outside, drink a cup of thee and just ‘be’. The outside world and time do not exist here.

Inspiration room


The spacious living kitchen is a comfortable space for up to 12 people to gather, and share meals and good stories. The custom kitchen facility itself offers all high-quality amenities, to prepare all required meals and snacks. If requested, we provide you with culinary services as well, working with several chefs specialized in various cooking styles. This way your requirements can be met at all times.

The entrance offers spacious sanitary facilities: 2 restrooms and 2 showers.

Additionally, the premises offer a Tiny House: a separate small home in the forest, just 50 meters away from the main building. This cosy home offers 4 beds: a small 2-person bedroom, plus 2 separate sofa beds and a lovely diner or writing table in the nicely decorated living room. Fully equipped with a pretty bathroom, a small kitchen and a pellet stove. Perfect for private coaching and small group sessions.

The natural surroundings of De Aardborst offer several wonderful and valuable facilities that can elevate the experience of any program to the next level.

The large natural swimming pool (12 x 6 meters), containing water vitalised by Blue Earth, is filtered using a large natural filter of water plants and lava stone. No chemicals are used to keep the water fresh and crystal clear. Use the pool just to relax and enjoy the stunning surroundings. Or in wintertime, it provides the perfect setting for any cold training. Overlooking the natural swimming pool, the poolhouse offers a 4-person sheltered hottub , next to a small fireplace.

Build a nice fire at the central fire pit. Good conversations, intimate sharings and having a laugh: a beautiful fire always creates the perfect setting.

Ultimately it all comes down to your imagination and needs. The 18 acres (7 hectares) of natural space offers so much more opportunities. Just come over for a thee, coffee and a walk, to discover how your fantasy and needs can become reality.