De Aardborst has a rich and long history that goes back into the Middle Ages. Back then it was important farmland known as ‘Ertborn’ (‘Ert’ meaning Earth and ‘Born’ meaning Water Well). Nowadays, Boutique Retreat Centre De Aardborst is all about inner peace, healing, growth and connection. It is our goal to create the perfect space to facilitate (multi-day) retreats based on these elements, in perfect harmony with nature.


Guarding the realm in which De Aardborst is situated, the Buteo-Buteo Buzzard impressively represents this blissful harmony. This marvelous creature, that nests abundantly in these forests, embodying the beating heart of De Aardborst in countless ways.

The mystical buzzard deeply represents all that De Aardborst is meant to bring to mankind. Take the time to observe them, and you’ll know. Overlooking the surroundings for hours, its confidence assures that all its needs will be met in time. Surrendering to a deep trust in itself and the natural world. As fear left the equation, only trust and love can take its place.

The buzzard leans on thermal winds to take it to startling heights. From there, its lasershap eyesight clearly oversees the biggerpicture. Not affected from the distractions far below, new visions and perspectives appear, showing the interconnectedness of everything.

Coming back down, being attacked by birds protecting their territories, it seems unaffected, keeping those eyes focused on its own path of pure freedom. Fully aware of its lethal power, it could instantaneously eliminate anything that gets in its way. But it chooses not to, reserving its energy for what truly matters, letting go of all that does nót. Being so true to itself, what is there to prove?

This is the foundation, to be Kings and Queens of the forest. Letting all creatures play its important role in its Kingdom, but taking what it needs, without guilt. For it knows that life is born from death, and would have no meaning without it. No fear, just trust, love and letting go.


Trying to make sense of it all, to understand the way I felt, I tried many things for many years. Programs, retreats, workshops, ceremonies, you name it. Gathering new experiences while finding pieces of that unknown puzzle. Early on however, I understood the extraordinary power of people that chose to fully open up, and dared to be vulnerable. TRUE vulnerability has the power, to invite others to do the same. To penetrate fear and hurt, and to tear down walls. I expressed the thought, that I would once build this magical place, that would naturally invite people to surrender and be vulnerable.

Back in 2020, I came across this stunning piece of nature called Landgoed De Aardborst. The energy I felt, and still feel, was both vibrant and humbling at the same time. And as a beautiful pair of buzzards circled above my head to confirm it all, I knew this was the magical place I imagined. It took two years of development to create Boutique Retreat Centre De Aardborst, centered around personal focus and attention, feeling at home, the power of nature and silence, offering luxurious warmth, cosy designed interiors, raw unpolished nature, and all facilities needed to unburden you as a program host or participant. Everything one needs, to get back in touch with his or her true nature.

I’m proud to be the guardian of this beautiful place and honored to welcome you for all the magic that may unfold for you.

Looking forward to meeting you,

Nick Verouden